Articles By Beryl Lieff Benderly

  • American Scientists Face Challenges at Home and Abroad

    Scott Lilly's best-case funding estimate for the next 5 years, which assumes a swift American exit from Iraq, foresees a 25% decline in real dollars for American science. In the worst case, he sees a drop of twice that size.

  • Three Reports Tackle the Postdoc Mess

    The glue holding together the two parts of the increasingly creaky system—and the rationale for thousands of men and women with a decade or more of university study to accept salaries that according to the Sigma Xi data average $38,000 ($7000 less than the average earnings of a similarly aged college graduate)—is the widespread but usually futile hope of becoming an independent university researcher.

  • Not Your Father's Postdoc

    "The number one thing that every postdoc needs to think about is what they want to do when they grow up." - Ida Chow, executive officer of the Society of Developmental Biology

  • A Taxing Question on Postdoc Pay: New IRS Regulation Demands Deductions from All Postdocs

    "Basically, we don't quite understand NIH's position. We're going to go along with what our legal counsel has advised us. We're going to start paying FICA." - Joel Oppenheim, senior associate dean for biomedical sciences, New York University School of Medicine.

  • Gender and Scientific Achievement: Views from the Bench

    "Before the kids, I pondered molecular biology questions while relaxing in the shower. Now, post-kids, I ponder how to stop the bickering and how to feed and clothe them. Gone are the hours of solitude for thinking."

  • New Multiple PI Policy May Help Postdocs

    NIH plans to make grants that give "principal investigator status to not one investigator, as is now the norm, but to all key members of the research team." Whether postdocs will attain that coveted designation is not yet clear, but "it would at least be allowable as far as the agency is concerned."

  • California Comes Through

    For the first time ever, all UC postdocs, regardless of their funding source, have access to the same comprehensive group health insurance.

  • NSF Workshop on the Postdoc Experience Calls for "Culture Change"

    Correcting the problems and inequities that bedevil postdocs will require changing the culture of labs and universities across the country, and the National Science Foundation can and should take steps to catalyze reform.

  • NSF Employee Postdocs: An Unknown Quantity

    For agencies devoted to seeking knowledge, NSF and NIH have shown strikingly little curiosity about many of the scientists doing the research they support.

  • Tough Times Ahead No Matter Who Wins

    [F]or all the stump-speech hyperbole, a single, remorseless reality must govern the next president's actions, no matter who he is. The huge budget deficit, the war in Iraq, and the war on terrorism will combine to squeeze federal scientific agencies not directly involved in defense, homeland security, or several earmarked projects. Competing for scarce funds with a myriad of other money-strapped domestic agencies, the civilian science agencies face the likelihood of budget cuts, some quite substantial.