Articles By Beryl Lieff Benderly

  • The State of the Union

    "There’s a second way of evaluating this, in terms of the intangibles, things that you get out of it that don’t fill your stomach but that fill your soul: respect, which I think is number one; the ability to go to work and not have to put up with being treated like a second-class citizen." --John Wagner

  • A Bridge to Independence

    ”Nothing is more important than supporting the new investigators early. … In the press of budget adjustment, we do not jeopardize the seeds of the future.” --Elias Zerhouni

  • The Intramural Alternative

    "Even extremely negative, stressful postdocs remain tremendous learning experiences and are accompanied with positive experiences if one chooses to seek them ... as I did." --Frank Lee-Bitter

  • What's Wrong With American Science?

    "Flooding the market with additional workers ... is going to make engineering even less attractive as a field than it already is. ... The smart ones will be even more likely to opt for a career in law, medicine, or management." --Tom Cross

  • Too Much of a Good Thing?

    The academic research enterprise is now an intensely competitive multibillion-dollar establishment, fueled by government money and utterly dependent on inexpensive graduate student and postdoc labor.

  • What a Difference 10 Years Makes

    Some of the most important lessons only happen when scientists take their newly honed skills out into the job market.

  • A Cloudy Crystal Ball

    Today's large postdoc pool "is in fact desirable." --The National Research Council

  • Making it Great for Everyone

    "Our main target ... is [for] the postdocs being trained to go out and get jobs of their own. There are so many different types of jobs that it's hard to provide a good training environment that's right for everybody. So we're trying to figure out what types of things people would like to have." -John Lipscomb

  • Hughes, Burroughs-Wellcome Course Launches Initiative in Career-Skills Education

    Although the course emphasized a few issues that are unique to academia, many of the subjects covered--general management, project planning, time management, and interpersonal principles--are crucial to all professionals, no matter what career they ultimately choose to pursue.

  • American Scientists Face Challenges at Home and Abroad

    Scott Lilly's best-case funding estimate for the next 5 years, which assumes a swift American exit from Iraq, foresees a 25% decline in real dollars for American science. In the worst case, he sees a drop of twice that size.