Articles By Charles Choi

  • Policy Issues and Emotions

    "Students interested in political science might try volunteering at local political campaigns, nongovernmental organizations, citizen advocacy groups, and interest groups." --Charles Taber

  • Speaking the Language of Computers

    Thanks to his work, now computers can model how a protein responds to pH levels, information that someday could help physicians tailor drugs to individual patients.

  • Peter Delfyett: Brightening the Future for Minorities

    Delfyett, a professor of optics and university trustee chair at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, continues to expand his curiosity by working with lasers that could serve as the backbone of future telecommunication networks.

  • Straight Out of Science Fiction

    If successful, Jackson’s current mission of developing a more secure method of transferring information using a single photon would revolutionize information technology.

  • The Quantum Ripples of Life

    Alexander, now a research associate and member of the theoretical physics group at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, searches for answers to big, long-standing questions in science, such as whether extra dimensions of space shape our universe.