Articles By Elisabeth Pain

  • Plant Hunters

    With many species still undiscovered, plant collecting can offer exciting opportunities for adventurous scientists -- at some cost in comfort and job security.

  • Science in the Community

    Researchers have much to gain from involving citizens as research partners.

  • Young Spanish Scientists in Limbo

    Tighter research budgets and bureaucratic delays threaten to derail the careers of many young scientists in Spain.

  • Q&A: Outsourcing Himself

    Chemist Andrew McElroy got the idea for his company the day he was told he would likely lose his job at Pfizer.

  • Content Collection: Mentoring Advice

    A good mentor at each career stage can greatly enhance your professional and personal achievement.

  • HHMI’s International Early-Career Scientists

    Three awardees discuss their research careers in China, Spain, and Portugal.

  • A Pharma Industry in Crisis

    Scientists seeking pharma careers must adapt to sweeping changes in the industry.

  • Advice for Future Pharma Scientists: Start Small

    As the industry moves away from the big pharma model, drug development scientists are likely to find more and better opportunities at smaller companies, and even academic labs.

  • Networking Your Way to a Job

    Biologist Mary-Rose Hoja has forged a career as a consultant in strategic networking, social media, and mingling.

  • Content Collection: Careers at Nonprofits and NGOs

    Scientists interested in a social or humanitarian cause can find diverse research or alternative careers within nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.