Articles By Elisabeth Pain

  • Sowing Seeds Through Plant Taxonomy

    Portuguese plant researcher Célia Cabral co-founded a company to produce essential oils in order to help her country's agriculture and economy.

  • Presentation Tips for Non-Native Speakers

    Conveying complex material during a scientific presentation is difficult for everyone, but it's especially challenging for speakers who aren't fluent and confident in the conference language.

  • Focus on Aging: Understanding Brain Plasticity

    Neuroscientist Sara Burke investigates how aging affects the plasticity of neuronal networks and, ultimately, behavior.

  • An Interdisciplinary Approach to Successful Aging

    Social and behavioral scientist Nardi Steverink studies the psychological well-being of older people to help them stay well and happy longer.

  • A Twin Career Story

    Identical twin brothers Alan and Steven Davy are pursuing similar research interests while also seeking to differentiate their work.

  • Q&A: Philip Phillips: A Roundabout Approach to Superconductivity

    His unconventional training allowed theoretical condensed matter physicist Philip Phillips to tackle superconductivity using a novel and indirect approach.

  • Slipping Humor Into Scientific Presentations

    Humor can be an added bonus in scientific talks, provided you know when and how to use it.

  • Career Q&A: Reentering Academia - A Success Story

    University of Oxford chemist Carol Robinson returned to academia after an 8-year break and went on to win the FEBS/EMBO Women in Science Award.

  • An Interview With Carol Robinson

    Q: Perhaps we could start talking about your field and your research. For a lay audience, how would you explain the...
  • Sharing a Nobel Prize at 36

    Last year, Konstantin Novoselov became the youngest physics laureate since Brian Josephson in 1973.