Articles By Elisabeth Pain

  • A Self-Made Climber

    Nowadays, "most researchers, especially forest ecologists, are incorporating climate change impacts into their research," says canopy ecologist Catherine Cardelús.

  • An Adventurous Physicist

    Chave learned the ecology, molecular biology, and chemistry he needed by talking to colleagues, going to seminars, and reading papers.

  • Measuring the Impact of Invasive Plants

  • Sustaining Forests in a Changing World

    Acquiring the necessary skills is “a question of the student taking the initiative to familiarize him[self] or herself with other areas,” says Daniel Simberloff, a community ecologist working on forests at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

  • A Rare Opportunity Into Space

    Luck will play a big role in whether you become an astronaut, so "don't put all your eggs in one basket," suggests ESA astronaut Reinhold Ewald.

  • Home Stretch to Graduation

    Along with some happy feelings, "all [Ph.D. students] experience a kind of a letdown ... about that feeling of this big project not being there anymore," says psychologist Mary McKinney.

  • The Truth About Gen Y

    If millennials and their employers can manage to smooth the way, say experts, we can expect great things from Gen Y.

  • Ahead of Her Time

    "The key is to take advantage of whatever assets you have in your life. Get everything you possibly can out of your opportunities," says Aifantis's former high school principal, Kass Simila.

  • Playing Well With Industry

    "The tipping point is when scientists' commitments to industry-funded research compromise their ability to do what their university appointments require: promote the public good through training students and pursuing research on important issues."

  • Alone in the Field

    "Eduardo Moreno made it through the first selection because of his strong past record and made it through the last round thanks to the innovative, yet highly relevant, nature of his grant," writes ERC jury panel chair Susan Gasser.