Articles By Rachel Kaufman

  • Patrick Canupp

    Science on the Fast Track

    NASCAR is hiring mechanical engineers and aerodynamics scientists to shave milliseconds off lap times and push racecars to their limits.

  • Swimming With SHArKs

    In a world where research is valued above all, how do teaching and outreach experiences influence careers?

  • It Doesn't Add Up

    A study confirms that girls have as much innate math ability as boys -- so where are all the women mathematicians?

  • NASA's Planetary Protection Officer

    Cassie Conley's job is, among other challenges, to protect Earth from the scum of the universe -- especially the pond scum.

  • From Mycology to Oncology

    Wilma Lingle started out studying mushrooms but transformed herself into a Mayo Clinic breast cancer researcher and the manager of two core facilities.