Articles By Susan Gaidos

  • Hunting Ghosts

    An industry spokesperson claims the ghostwriting problem is fixed, but critics of the practice disagree.

  • Ghostwriters in the Medical Literature

    Despite new disclosure requirements, ghostwriters remain a threat to the integrity of the scientific literature as well as careers.

  • Trusting the Public

    On the theory that everyone's an expert on their own environment, scientists are figuring out how to tap the experiences and observations of nonscientists.

  • Quantitative Biomedical Careers

    Physicists, mathematicians, and others are finding new ways to apply quantitative skills to biomedical sciences.

  • A Scientist Finds a Niche

    Dean Pearson overcame a slow and difficult start to make a difference observing ecological communities.

  • Flying High

    Despite a remarkable talent, Cecilia Aragon lacked the confidence she needed to be a scientist. And then she learned to fly.

  • Winning Strategies: Advice from PECASE Winners

    There are no fail-safe recipes for success, but some basic, tried-and-true principles can be counted on.

  • The Bigger Questions

    Chemical engineer Kristala Jones Prather's work creating chemical factories inside microbes has taken her from academia to industry and back again.

  • Making a Scientific Impact

    Kit Parker and his team of military veterans at Harvard are investigating the mechanical forces involved in traumatic brain injury.

  • Careers in Research Support

    "[Working in research support] allows me to translate direct understanding of the sciences to help science without actually doing science." --Elisabeth Prescott