Career Magazine

Issue for June 22, 2007

  • Working as a Medical Writer

    "I would say that there's definitely enough work to go around." --Emma Hitt

  • Tooling Up: The Slightly Irreverent, Shake 'Em Up Job Search

    My attitude is that if you are stuck, you should do anything you can to get unstuck as long as it's not illegal, unethical, or obviously foolish.

  • Escaping the Postdoc

    "The priority for most researchers is an independent career in research. For me, the next step is either another postdoc or getting my own funding. But if the funding doesn't come through, I'll probably quit." --John Bothwell

  • Europe's Wild West

    The UK and Ireland are both reaching for the benefits of a knowledge economy. The UK leads Europe’s biotechnology scene, and Ireland’s rapid economic trajectory through the 1990s has radically altered the research landscape thanks to large injections of cash. International companies’ search for research talent has intensified. Many have set up operations in the UK and Ireland where they tap into expertise from world-class universities, as well as opening their arms to researchers moving on from the competitive academic sector.