Career Magazine

Issue for March 28, 2008

  • Mind Matters: Too Perfect?

    "No one is perfect, ... that's why pencils have erasers." --Author Unknown

  • Mastering Your Ph.D.: Goodbye to All That

    "Learning to survive and thrive once you are pulled out of your comfort zone is an experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life."

  • Educated Woman, Postdoc Edition, Chapter 14: Interview Excursions

    "We're sorry but we don't believe you are qualified for this position at this time," wrote one consulting firm.

  • A Boost for Vaccine Research


    Tremendous strides have been made in eradicating infectious disease scourges such as smallpox and polio that once killed and crippled millions; still, about 15 million deaths—or about one third of all deaths annually—result from infectious diseases worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Of those, nearly half involve children under the age of 5 years, predominantly in poorer countries. The ongoing hefty death toll, the pharmaceutical industry’s increasing interest in the research and development of vaccines, and plentiful funding from multiple sources all combine to provide a range of opportunities for postdocs and graduate students in vaccine research. The field is high growth and, perhaps more important, the fruits of this work promise to have a real impact on the health of the world’s population.