Climbing crooked ladders
by David Jensen, 11 November 2015
Career progression no longer follows a single vertical trajectory, our columnist explains

Passion: Your secret weapon for job search success
by David Jensen, 14 October 2015
Our columnist advises interviewees to express the emotions driving their career choices.

Bounce back to stay in the game
by David Jensen, 16 September 2015
The resilience that scientists learn from conducting research should also be applied to the job search.

Postdocs, put your best foot forward for industry jobs
by David Jensen, 19 August 2015
The search can be tough, but despite the competition, you can rise to the top of the pile.

Ace your video interview
by David Jensen, 22 July 2015
Video screening interviews are now a major ingredient of the hiring process.

Who’s in your tribe?
by David Jensen, 17 June 2015
It’s important for today’s job seekers to be aware of the “un-networking” trend.

Give industry managers what they want
by David Jensen, 14 May 2015
Here are some of the tools that you need to show you can deliver what industry requires.

Your self-promotion balancing act
by David Jensen, 16 April 2015
Seek the credit you deserve—all of it—but not more.

A networking encounter
by David Jensen, 19 March 2015
A young scientist learns about the advantages of real-world networking.

Three rules for powerful questions
by David Jensen, 19 February 2015
At interviews and networking events, your questions are at least as important as your answers.

The funny thing about wanting something badly
by David Jensen, 15 January 2015
It’s good to want something, but wanting it too much, or appearing to, can be a problem.

Moving down the career ladder
by David Jensen, 18 September 2014
B.S. and M.S.-level job opportunities can be tempting because they’re so plentiful, but Ph.D. scientists should resist the temptation.

Telephone Technique, Part Two
by David Jensen, 13 August 2014
To make it past first contact with a potential employer, you need to employ top-tier telephone skills.

Telephone Technique, Part One
by David Jensen, 16 July 2014
Professional-level telephone technique can get you hired.

Don’t Crash and Burn at Your Job Interview
by David Jensen, 19 June 2014
To win the job interview, answer the questions, make your interviewer feel good about you, and avoid making major mistakes.

Facilitating Feedback
by David Jensen, 15 May 2014
Feedback can help you improve your day job and your interviewing skills.

Lifestyles of the (Hopefully) Rich and (Possibly) Famous
by David Jensen, 17 April 2014
Employee benefits are essential to your future prosperity, but not all of them are negotiable.

A Shortage of Fairness in a World of Jobs
by David Jensen, 18 March 2014
In the job search, getting the job done trumps fairness every time.

The Path of a CV, 2014 Edition
by David Jensen, 20 February 2014
When it comes to how job applications are processed by companies, some things have changed—but others haven't

Who Am I?
by David Jensen, 16 January 2014
Instead of the usual New Year's resolutions, this year try something that's really new.

The Master List of "Don'ts"
by David Jensen, 19 December 2013
Avoid these rookie mistakes and place yourself among the top 20% of applicants for jobs in industry.

How to Work a Meeting
by David Jensen, 13 November 2013
From a networking standpoint, the purpose of a scientific meeting is to accumulate connections and thereby improve your odds of professional success.

Customize a Job-Magnet CV
by David Jensen, 17 October 2013
Like your cover letter, your industry CV should be customized for every job you apply for.

The Cover Letter: Relic or Still Relevant?
by David Jensen, 18 September 2013
It's true that some employers don't even read cover letters, but you shouldn't miss this opportunity to personalize your application package.

Your Personal Marketing Plan
by David Jensen, 15 August 2013
The key to getting hired is to define and communicate your unique value proposition.

Psych Yourself Up
by David Jensen, 19 July 2013
Positive thinking and mental preparation can improve your performance in a job interview.

Changing Career Advice
by David Jensen, 21 June 2013
As careers in science become more globalized and competitive, advice for job-seekers needs to keep up with the times.

It's Not Always the Best and Brightest (Part2)
by David Jensen, 17 May 2013
Often, those who get noticed are those who get hired.

It's Not Always the Best and Brightest
by David Jensen, 19 April 2013
To get hired, you have to get noticed.

Human Resources Interviews
by David Jensen, 15 March 2013
You may be comfortable talking with scientists, but interviews with Human Resources are a different beast.

The Law of Reciprocity
by David Jensen, 15 February 2013
In almost every work environment the ability to influence others is an essential job skill.

Questions to Set Your Sails By, Part 2
by David Jensen, 18 January 2013
Answering these six questions can help you choose your career path without having to make major course corrections.

Questions to Set Your Sails By (Part 1)
by David Jensen, 16 November 2012
Answering these six questions can help you choose your career path without having to make major course corrections.

Resume Wisdom
by David Jensen, 19 October 2012
To go beyond "good enough," think hard about the needs of the hiring manager and the position.

What's Your Question?
by David Jensen, 21 September 2012
Never mind answering questions—what questions should you ask at a job interview?

Why Good People Leave Good Jobs
by David Jensen, 17 August 2012
Short stays don't look good to future employers—so why are they so common?

Advice from the C-Suite
by David Jensen, 20 July 2012
Advice from top executives reflects long experience climbing the corporate ranks, hiring people, and watching others succeed and fail.

Interview Intangibles
by David Jensen, 15 June 2012
The most important aspects of your job interview are things you may not have thought about.

How to Swim With Sharks
by David Jensen, 18 May 2012
Here's what you need to know about third-party services that offer to help with your job search.

You Will Never Be Appreciated
by David Jensen, 20 April 2012
Scientists and other professionals can increase their job satisfaction by kicking their addiction to praise.

Customize Your Training
by David Jensen, 16 March 2012
The extra skills you need to get attention from industry don't have to cost an arm and a leg.

The Big Disconnect
by David Jensen, 17 February 2012
In today's pharmaceutical and biotech job market, pinpoint hiring is the rule.

Forecasting the Fit
by David Jensen, 20 January 2012
When starting a new job, it's important to give some thought to your working style, and how it's likely to fit with your new boss.

Inflection Points
by David Jensen, 16 December 2011
From dramatic changes arise new opportunities.

Views on an Interview, Part 2
by David Jensen, 18 November 2011
Ups and downs continue during Scott Jackson's interview at ABC Technologies.

Views on an Interview, Part 1
by David Jensen, 21 October 2011
On interview day at ABC Technologies, Scott Jackson's experiences range from mundane to terrifying.

Are You Likable?
by David Jensen, 16 September 2011
Maybe it's wrong, but your success in the job search depends partly on how much people like you. Fortunately, the best way to be likable is to be yourself.

Clinical Trials Careers
by David Jensen, 19 August 2011
A recent book describes several clinical career paths that can be entered by people without clinical experience.

Words with Punch
by David Jensen, 15 July 2011
In a variety of job-seeking contexts, the right choice of words can make a big difference.

I've Got a Great Idea
by David Jensen, 20 May 2011
Two recent entrepreneurs offer advice on starting a new company.

Two Chokepoints
by David Jensen, 15 April 2011
When moving away from the bench and into industry it's important to realize that there's not just one gaping chasm to cross, but two.

Making the Cut in 2011
by David Jensen, 18 March 2011
In a job market where even entry-level jobs are going to people with industry experience, how can you compete?

Playing the Name Game
by David Jensen, 18 February 2011
Need to find out who's who inside a company? Here's how the pros do it.

The Why's and What For's of Employment References
by David Jensen, 21 January 2011
In industry these days, verbal recommendations mean a lot more than those written on paper.

Little 'r', Big 'D'
by David Jensen, 17 December 2010
If you want to work in industry in this economy, tweak your CV to emphasize the 'development' side of R and D

On Interview Day
by David Jensen, 19 November 2010
With the right attitude and actions, you can rise to the top on interview day.

Choosing the Best Fit
by David Jensen, 15 October 2010
If there isn’t good chemistry between you and the company, a job offer can be an offer of entrapment.

A Job-Search Plan for the Person Without One (Part 2)
by David Jensen, 17 September 2010
The key to a successful job hunt is to precisely target particular jobs and to demonstrate that you can solve the particular problem a hiring manager has

A Job-Search Plan for the Person Without One (Part One)
by David Jensen, 20 August 2010
A job search involves more than posting your resume on the Web; here are some pointers for honing your job-seeking skills.

Integrate Yourself
by David Jensen, 16 July 2010
Being viewed as an outsider can happen to anyone, and it can have devastating career consequences.

Be the Candidate
by David Jensen, 18 June 2010
Your chances of finding a job improve if you are considered a candidate and not just an applicant.

The Medical Writing and Corporate Intelligence Career Tracks
by David Jensen, 21 May 2010
Jim Gardner follows a career as a medical writer with another as a corporate sleuth.

Clear and Succinct Rules the Day
by David Jensen, 16 April 2010
The job search is immeasurably aided by good, transparent writing.

I'm Special, Aren't You?
by David Jensen, 19 March 2010
Your parents may say you're special, but the job market requires some humility.

The Applications Scientist Career Track
by David Jensen, 19 February 2010
An "applications scientist" job can link the bench to other industry careers

What's Your Mission?
by David Jensen, 15 January 2010
Your unique life philosophy is the cornerstone of your success and job satisfaction.

Presenting Your Technology
by David Jensen, 18 December 2009
Budding scientist-entrepreneurs must be able to present their company skillfully to potential investors and partners.

The Project Management Career Track
by David Jensen, 20 November 2009
Project management, as a career track and a core skill, requires detail management, good communication, and people skills.

Focus Your Industry CV
by David Jensen, 16 October 2009
The concept of "résumé real estate" can lead to small changes in your CV that yield big rewards.

The Regulatory Affairs Career Track
by David Jensen, 18 September 2009
Serving as liaisons between the government and drug developers, regulatory affairs specialists play a key role in getting drugs to market.

Myths About Industry Jobs
by David Jensen, 21 August 2009
There's more common ground between industry and academia than you think.

The Biomanufacturing Career Track
by David Jensen, 17 July 2009
Biotech companies are building out their manufacturing facilities--and looking for problem-solvers to keep them running.

Four Must-Haves for Convincing Communication
by David Jensen, 19 June 2009
If you're not a natural-born communicator, you can still communicate effectively by learning a few key points.

Six Classic Lines of Bull
by David Jensen, 15 May 2009
Some of the things you hear during the job search are about as silly as a bad pickup line.

The Business Development Career Track
by David Jensen, 17 April 2009
Ph.D. scientists working in business development scout for new technologies, plan new initiatives, negotiate licensing agreements, and often work directly with customers.

The Informational Interview
by David Jensen, 20 March 2009
Landing an informational interview requires good networking; making it pay off takes preparation.

The Cold, Hard Truth About Finding a Job in 2009
by David Jensen, 20 February 2009
Finding a job in 2009 will take a perfect plan, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

The Job Seeker's Lexicon
by David Jensen, 16 January 2009
Job seekers need to be able to interpret the jargon used in job ads and interviews.

The ABCs of Transitioning to Leadership
by David Jensen, 19 December 2008
"Activator," "behavior," and "consequence" are key concepts in this simple management theory.

15 Minutes to a Better Interview
by David Jensen, 28 November 2008
Even for experienced interviewers, some basic rules of courtesy and etiquette are worth reviewing.

Enhance Your Job Search Online
by David Jensen, 24 October 2008
There's no substitute for in-person networking, but LinkedIn, the professional-networking Web site, can advance your job search.

My Career, Dissected
by David Jensen, 26 September 2008
After years of pointing out others' career mistakes, David Jensen highlights some of his own.

Defying Gravity
by David Jensen, 22 August 2008
Needless to say, intellectual achievement matters a lot in science. But, because we don't live in a perfect world, other attributes are just as important in getting things done--and in getting hired.

Review Your Career
by David Jensen, 18 July 2008
Think you have a nice, stable career in front of you? Then it's time to shake things up with a career review.

The Finer Points of Giving a Job Talk
by David Jensen, 20 June 2008
The key to giving a good job talk is realizing what your audience is looking for and giving it to them.

Transitioning to Teamwork
by David Jensen, 23 May 2008
The ability to work well in a team is integral to today's company environment.

On Headhunters
by David Jensen, 18 April 2008
Recruiters may offer some theoretical advantages, but early-career scientists should try to keep their heads.

Breaking Free of Academia (A Test and a Quiz)
by David Jensen, 20 March 2008
Leaving academia means confronting, and overcoming, a knowledge deficit.

Put Some Muscle Into Your Marketing Materials
by David Jensen, 15 February 2008
Powerful writing can move your job application to the top of the pile.

Dealing With Men Who Have a Problem With Women
by David Jensen, 18 January 2008
No matter where you work, you're likely to encounter men who never learned how to relate to strong, competent women.

Three Categories of Rules
by David Jensen, 21 December 2007
The rules for success in industry are different from the ones you learned in grad school.

Overcoming Conflicts in the Lab--and Beyond
by David Jensen, 30 November 2007
If you face conflicts squarely and calmly and manage them skillfully and confidently, you can ultimately transform them into a source for improved relationships and personal growth.

Barriers to Decision Making
by David Jensen, 26 October 2007
Those who are trained to make highly specialized decisions at the lab bench often make poor decisions in the job search.

The Killer Instinct
by David Jensen, 28 September 2007
Industry employers relish the killer instinct, which allows scientists to push their projects and ideas past obstacles.

The Wall
by David Jensen, 24 August 2007
For more than a decade we've written about the wall between industry and academia and how to get through it. Has that wall become less--or more--porous? Is there hope these days for scientists who enter graduate school expecting to be trained for employment outside the ivory tower?

Adding Charisma to Your Toolbox
by David Jensen, 20 July 2007
What is that ephemeral quality that makes some people stand out in a crowd as others vanish into the background? Can you learn it?

The Slightly Irreverent, Shake 'Em Up Job Search
by David Jensen, 22 June 2007
If the usual rules aren't working, you may need to bend or break them to get the juices--and your job search--flowing.

Getting Stuck
by David Jensen, 17 May 2007
Of all the possible traps you can fall into, getting stuck in a narrow niche is probably the worst.

'Culturing' Your Marketable Skills
by David Jensen, 20 April 2007
Like a culture of microorganisms, some career skills need to be nurtured and cared for before employers can observe and rely on them.

Employment Due Diligence, Part 2
by David Jensen, 16 March 2007
After all the work of finding a job, it is tempting to just say "Yes!" and keep your fingers crossed. But that approach has serious risks.

Employment Due Diligence
by David Jensen, 16 February 2007
A job offer--any job offer--can seem like such a prize that examining it too critically can seem ungrateful. But anyone who accepts employment without doing a background investigation is taking a serious risk.

Resume Rocket Science, 2007
by David Jensen, 19 January 2007
There's little consensus among experts on what constitutes a good CV or resumé. But it is possible to identify some common threads in their advice.

Be Politically Astute, But Don't Play Politics
by David Jensen, 15 December 2006
You can't avoid politics in the workplace--but you can stay above the fray.

For Love--or Money?
by David Jensen, 17 November 2006
Some young scientists follow their hearts--the traditional advice--whereas others follow the money. Which approach is better?

Traits of the Key Players
by David Jensen, 20 October 2006
What are the qualities that scientists must have to be key players in an industrial setting?

Conducting an Authentic Job Search
by David Jensen, 15 September 2006
Many technical professionals don't like the job search because they think they have to be insincere to do well. Not true, says our Tooling Up columnist.

Are You Management Material?
by David Jensen, 18 August 2006.
If you want to make the transition to management, it is useful to know what makes hiring managers see you as "management material."

Salary Negotiation, Part 2
by David Jensen, 21 July 2006
Our Tooling Up columnist provides some nitty-gritty tips and describes some techniques that should be in every scientist's negotiation toolkit.

Salary Negotiation, Part 1
by David Jensen, 16 June 2006
Once a company has made you an offer, says our Tooling Up columnist, they've crossed the threshold and they really want to close the deal.

Mutation or Extinction
by David Jensen, 19 May 2006
Biotech and pharma are focusing more on products and less on the most promising research, say some experts, requiring industry-bound scientists to adapt.

Guerrilla Marketing Yourself
by David Jensen, 21 April 2006
"Guerrilla marketing" was developed for resource-poor small businesses, which is why it works so well for scientific job seekers; who's shorter on resources than a postdoc

The Dreaded Phone Interview
by David Jensen, 17 March 2006
The goal of a telephone interview is to reduce the size of the applicant pool. Don't let them screen you out.

Crises and Career Stages, Part 2
by David Jensen, 17 February 2006
Whereas Part 1 of this series focused on the patterns of work-life crises, this month's edition takes on the shape--the rhythm--of the typical career, and how career crises fit into its natural stages.

Worklife Crises and Scientific Career Stages
by David Jensen, 20 January 2006
Feel like your scientific training is in a perpetual state of crisis? You’re not alone.

Job Talk Jitters
by David Jensen, 16 December 2005
When giving a job talk to an industrial employer, remember that you--and not your science--are the product the company is thinking about investing in.

Developing Resilience
by David Jensen, 18 November 2005
Resilience can get you through grad school and beyond. Here's how to thicken your skin.

Fifty Seconds with a Million Dollar Impact
by David Jensen, 21 October 2005
This is the story of Mark Logomasini, co-founder and VP Business Development for Molecular Medicine Bioservices, and how less than a minute on the podium transformed his professional life and taught him a crucial lesson on the importance of succinct communication in industry.

The Real Deal or Well Oiled?
by David Jensen, 16 September 2005
Which approach works best -- rehearsing and memorizing slick and ingratiating responses to likely interview questions or going to the meeting with no one else's words in your mouth? David Jensen suggests a combination of both.

The Etiquette of the Job Search - Mr. Manners Hits the Interviewing Trail
by David Jensen, 19 August 2005
David Jensen investigates the often confusing aspects of protocol involving current and prospective employers when looking for a new job.

Negotiation Boot Camp - Tips and Techniques to a Universal Career Skill
by David Jensen , 15 July 2005
Few job skills bring as much value to your career as the ability to negotiate. Even if you occupy just a corner of the lab, studying the interpersonal relations in a negotiation can be very rewarding.

Tooling Up - Time for an Attitude Adjustment?
by David Jensen, 17 June 2005
If you'll take a chance and adopt a more positive mindset, you'll stand a much better chance of ending up in the ranks of the seriously employed.

Tooling Up - Managing Your Advisor
by David Jensen, 20 May 2005
We've all heard horror stories about grad students or postdocs whose careers were damaged by a lack of support from mentors and P.I.s. David Jensen discusses a recent book, Managing Up, which offers suggestions for managing the relationship between boss and subordinate.

Tooling Up - Urban Legends of the Job Search
by David Jensen, 15 April 2005
There are certain things about the job search that everybody knows. The problem is, many of those things aren't true.

Tooling Up - The Job-Offer Checklist
by David Jensen, 18 March 2005
A job in industry has much to recommend it, but it's not always the right answer. The best advice, says David Jensen, is to look before you make the leap to industry.

Tooling Up: More Than Just a Job-Seeking Tool
by David Jensen, 18 February 2005
Before you relegate networking to the dust bin of job skills that get used five or six times in a lifetime, read my definition: Networking is the process of establishing links between people, with the intent to promote communication of mutual benefit.

Tooling Up: An Ethical Conundrum?
by David Jensen, 21 January 2005
Even though ethics may not seem that important for something like a job search, an ethics decision, if you botch it, can have very real consequences.

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