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Who We Are and What We Do

Next Wave is a career development magazine, updated weekly on the Web, that has been published since 1995 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the research journal Science . The aim of our international staff is to provide you, the early-career scientist (see sidebar), with the tools, insight, and advice you need to discover the vast range of careers open to you, decide which path you want to pursue, and follow it. We look at research and nonresearch careers, on and off the bench, in academia, industry, and elsewhere. We cover issues of scientific training and career development. Our role models provide firsthand insight into their daily lives, the skills they've had to develop, and how they landed their jobs. Our expert columnists offer advice on finding a job and finishing your Ph.D. And our writers and editors bring you the latest news on factors affecting the science job market.

What IS an 'Early-Career Scientist'?

We're delighted for anyone who finds Next Wave's content interesting to use it! But the people we're writing for primarily are doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and people in their first permanent academic posts (junior faculty). Many final-year undergraduates read Next Wave, too--proving that it's never too early to start thinking about your career!

How to Find Our Content

Our most recent content of particular relevance to European scientists is highlighted on the European portal. From here you can reach our country pages for Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, which provide a special focus for early-career scientists from or working in those countries. From our global home page you can also reach country home pages for the United States, Canada, and Singapore. And you will find links to our special-focus portals, written in the U.S. and updated twice each month. The Career Development Center offers special advice and encouragement for postdocs and junior faculty interested in pursuing an academic career, covering such vital topics as lab management, grant writing, and teaching. The Postdoc Network connects postdoc associations at different institutions and gives postdocs and administrators the opportunity to learn from each other how to foster postdoc career development. The Minority Scientists Network is the place where scientists from ethnic minority communities can find support and role models for their careers.

You can BROWSE recent and archived content from any of our home pages. The buttons on the left-hand side of each country home page and article page link to our extensive library of content, which is sorted into several categories:

  • Job Market News. What does today's job market offer scientists interested in making their next move? Next Wave investigates employment trends, how to make yourself eligible for today's positions, and national and international opportunities.

  • Career Transitions. In this section Next Wave describes the career moves that researchers have successfully made--the paths they've taken and the opportunities they've uncovered. From leaving the bench to get your MBA to applying your research skills to work with the police as a forensic scientist, Next Wave has the information you need, much of it in multiarticle features!

  • Career and Job Hunting Advice. Whether you want to stay in academic research, go into industry, or leave the bench far behind, you've got to find a job. How do you go about getting it? You'll find the practical advice you need here.

  • Diversity and Work Life. Carving out a career is tough work for anyone, but juggling work with your family responsibilities can be even more challenging! Women and minority scientists face special issues. Read here about balancing family and career goals, and solutions for underrepresented groups in science.

  • Postdoc and Faculty Issues. Do you want to pursue an academic career? We answer your questions and review the current landscape.

  • For Grad Students. Getting to the end of your Ph.D. can be a tough slog, but Next Wave can help. In this section, you'll find advice on dealing with supervisors, progress reports, writing up your thesis, and much else.

  • Science Policy. The politics and policies of scientific research define how science is performed and how it affects the job market for scientists. Keep up with the latest news.

In addition, if you have specific career-related questions in mind, you can SEARCH our archive. We've got 6 years worth of content, so it should be easy to find the answers you're looking for on Next Wave.

Also, take a look at JobsNet, a listing of the best recruitment sites for scientists. Regularly updated, it's a valuable resource for any job seeker.

All About Access

When you find your dream job, you'll certainly want to be paid, and the staff of Next Wave is no different! We're just one of the costs involved in running a top-notch Web site, so we've had to find ways to raise the revenues that we need to bring you fresh content every week. Here in Europe our country home pages are supported by the DFG in Germany, the NWO in the Netherlands, and Merck Sharp & Dohme and the British National Space Centre in the UK. And now, thanks to our partnership with the European Science Foundation (ESF), early-career scientists in 29 European countries can get access to all of Next Wave?s content from just about wherever they are. (If you are trying to access from one of the countries covered by our ESF partnership and experience any difficulties, please send an e-mail to nextwave@science-int.co.uk explaining your problem.)

You might see some of Next Wave?s content marked up as ?FREE?. That?s because some early-career scientists aren?t as lucky as their European counterparts. In the U.S., Canada, and Singapore, access to most of Next Wave?s content is via institution-by-institution subscriptions. Only that content described as FREE can be accessed by anyone outside Europe, anytime and anywhere.

More Than 'Just' a Web Site

In addition to all the content we bring you on the Web, Next Wave staff in each participating country work hard to bring Next Wave and the advice it contains to you in person. If you would like to help us promote Next Wave at your institution in Europe, please contact us. And check our European events calendar to see if Next Wave will be at a university or meeting near you anytime soon!