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Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

  • Name: Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
  • Headquarters:
    Dalian, China
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Welcome Talents to Joining Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

Founded in 1949, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is located in the beautiful port city of Dalian in Northeast China, In the past half century, research here has closely reflected the economic and scientific needs of China.

The Institute has an important series of achievements, principally in the fields of catalytic chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical laser and molecular reaction dynamics, organic synthesis, and chromatography for modern analytic chemistry and biotechnology. These achievements have contributed greatly to the economic and technological development of China.

Our researches now focus on energy related topics and our current Development Strategy is summarized as follows:

DICP focuses on sustainable energy research and coordinates the development of environment optimization, biotechnology and advanced material in a multidisciplinary atmosphere by strengthening technological integration and innovation. DICP aims to play indispensable roles in national economy and security, and to become a leading research institute in the world.

Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy

Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy (DNL) is China's first National Laboratory in the field of energy research, and integrates laboratories across DICP and other institutions. Research at DNL is focused on the efficient conversion and optimal utilization of fossil energy, clean energy conversion technologies and the economically viable use of solar and biomass energy.

The research activities will benefit from the existing strong background of the DICP in chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, biology, and materials science, in addition to our extensive network of national and international collaborations. DNL is integrated on the DICP campus and would be taken as a main research platform to develop both fundamental and applied researches in DICP.

Research Fields

Physical Chemistry, Catalytic Chemistry, Industrial Catalysis, Petrochemical Engineering, Low-carbon chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Advanced Materials, Energy Materials, Solar Energy, Photoelectrocatalysis, Biomass Conversion, Fuel cell technology, Energy storage technology, Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, Combustion chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Energy Strategy