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A series of video clips from actual scientists talking about their work and what attracted them to science as a career and video recordings of Science Careers outreach events.
Recipients of the 2014 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology discuss their research.
What is the Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology?
Video of Science & SciLifeLab Prize 2013
The Israeli scientist, Michael Yartsev, Ph.D., CV Starr Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University has won the 2013 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology.
Dr. Marlene Cohen wins the 2012 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology for her essay "When Attention Wanders."
Tiago Branco wins the 2011 Eppendorf Grand Prize for Neurobiology for his essay "The Language of Dendrites."
Brianna Blaser presents Career Options Away from the Bench at the National Institute of Standards and Technology campus in Gaithersburg, MD.
Fan Li Chou talks about her reasons for studying signal transduction.
Pamela Clark, a Graduate Student at Howard University, talks about her early influences.
S. James Gates Jr., Ph.D. talks about what sparked his early interest in science.
Katherine Socha, Ph.D. talks about her hopes for the future of her field.
Leonard Susskind, Ph.D. talks about how he made the jump from plumbing to physics.