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Career Basics Booklet - 2007 edition

This is the previous edition of the Career Basics booklet. The Career Basics 2009 Booklet is now available.

SMART logoStruggling with your next career step? Science Careers' editorial team brings you "Career Basics: Advice and Resources for Scientists." The booklet provides advice and help on preparing CVs and resumes, writing grants and scientific papers, networking, and much more. Read each article in the booklet online, or download each chapter or the entire booklet as a PDF. All for free. It is one more tool Science Careers provides to help you jump-start your career, be it in academia or outside the ivory tower!


Dr. Alan Leshner, CEO, AAAS PDF icon

Chapter One

CV Writing and Interview Skills - The Essentials! PDF icon

CVs That Open Industry Doors - Dave Jensen

Interview Techniques: You've Worked Hard To Get This Far - Jim Austin

From an Employer's Wishlist to Your CV - Sara Shinton

Chapter Two

Funding and Grant Writing PDF icon

How Not to Kill a Grant Application - Vid Mohan-Ram

Funding Outside the Box - Jim Kling

Chapter Three

Expanding Choices PDF icon

University Challenge: Administering Research - Carol Clugston

Patient to Retrain in Patent Law - Anne Forde

Life in Biotech - Jim Kling

Making the Leap: When, How, and Why a Career in Drug Discovery May Be Right for You - Matthew Bell

Chapter Four

Networking PDF icon

Guerrilla Marketing Yourself - Dave Jensen

How to Get a Good Connection - David Bomzer

Chapter Five

Female and Minority Experiences in Science PDF icon

Women and Minorities: Negotiating Salaries - Lee Kass and Kathleen Gale

Top Five Challenges for Pregnant Scientists - Lynn Dicks

Bridging the Cultural Divide in Medicine - Edna Francisco

Chapter Six

Leadership and Management in the Lab PDF icon

Leadership on the Mountain: Lessons for the Lab - Kathy Barker

Project Management for Scientists - Stanley E. Portny and Jim Austin

Lab Safety Requires Training and Commitment - John K. Borchardt

Chapter Seven

Scientic Writing and Publishing PDF icon

Publishing at the Top of the Heap - Jeremy M. Boss and Susan H. Eckert

I Can't Believe They Didn't Like It! - Jeremy M. Boss and Susan H. Eckert