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Industry Careers in Europe

Science Careers was lucky to be a part of the annual European Career Fair at MIT held the weekend of January 25, 2009. Our panel discussion on Industry Careers in Europe featured three panelists:

  • Maria Grunwald, Radius
  • David Von Schack, Wyeth Research
  • Charles Remsberg, Hocoma, Inc.

The panelists shared information about their experiences both in the US and in Europe, which led to an interesting discussion of scientific careers in each locale. All of the participants stressed the need to network in order to be successful and the extent to which interesting opportunities that you cant plan for will come over the course of your career. Being open to these opportunities, even if it requires moving, can be rewarding. The panelists noted that there are cultural differences between work environments in the US and Europe and that self-awareness can help to mitigate this. Although they discussed differences with regard to salaries and compensation through pensions and vacation, the panelists mostly said that comparisons were difficult because of issues like different cost of living factors and federal holidays.

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Scene from 2008 MIT - European Career Fair

Science Careers, the online employment, career development, and funding supplement to Science magazine offers a sample of its resources for students, postdocs, and faculty attending the European Career Fair 2009.

Below are links to details about the event, as well as articles and services on Science Careers to find the kind of job you can enjoy, build your career in the academic world or industry, and gain funding for your research or ongoing training.

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European Career Fair 2009 Details and Links

Scene from 2008 MIT - European Career Fair


Friday afternoon, 23 January 2009: Panel discussion: Renewable Energy and the Knowledge Economy, time and locations to be determined

Saturday, 24 January 2009: Employer exhibits. Johnson Athletics Center (2nd floor), 120 Vassar Street, Cambridge, Mass. [Map]. 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday-Monday, 25-26 January, 2009: Employer-candidate interviews. Hyatt Regency Cambridge Hotel, 575 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Mass. [Map]

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