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UCSF Career Fair Workshops

On April 2, 2009, we held a variety of workshops at the Science Careers/UCSF Career Fair in San Francisco designed to help participants with their job search. The morning included a panel discussion on industry careers, and presentations on networking, job hunting, and CV writing.


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Event Summary

The morning started with a panel discussion of scientists in industry careers. Panelists included Jane Grogan and Richard Neve, both of Genentech, Alex Watters of Amgen, and Joanna Gonsalves of Ferring Pharmaceuticals. The panelists talked about the job search process and encouraged audience members to seek out careers in industry. Audience members asked many questions about the best ways to find positions.Following the panel discussion, Brianna Blaser of Science Careers presented Making Connections: Networking and Career Fairs. The presentation focused on the basics of good networking and how to employ those tactics in a career fair setting.

In the afternoon, Bill Lindstaedt of UCSF presented Job Hunting in the Biotech. The seminar discussed job search strategies necessary for success on the biotech/pharma job market. Bill presented four job hunting techniques that comprise a comprehensive job search in the biotech industry, along with tips for success in interview settings and in your compensation negotiations.

Finally, Naledi Saul of UCSF presented on Transforming Your CV for a Biotech Industry Position. This session used a successful industry resume as a sample, to show the difference between a CV and resume, what should and should not be included in a document tailored for industry jobs, and strategies to tailor your document to highlight your skills and experiences.

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