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Nontraditional Careers: Opportunities Away from the Bench Webinar

On April 28, 2009, we held a webinar on Nontraditional Careers. Lori Conlan from the NIH, Pearl Freier from Cambridge BioPartners, Marion M??ller from the German Research Foundation, and Ric Weibl joined us for a great discussion of so-called "alternative" careers. Watch it now.


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Event Summary

Increasingly, Ph.D.-level scientists are becoming aware of other career opportunities beyond bench research. Not only are scientists interested in pursuing nonresearch-based careers, but the contrast between the number of graduate students and postdocs, and the availability of tenure-track faculty positions means that these are no longer "alternative" career options. This roundtable discussion covered various career options open to scientists across different sectors and strategies you can use to find a nonresearch career. Panelists emphasized the importance of networking, both to learn about career options and to locate positions. They also pointed to the myriad career options that are open to scientists.

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