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Taking Your Passion for Science to a Career Away from Research & Getting to the Top of a Big Pile

On July 5, 2010, Science Careers presented two sessions at the Euroscience Open Forum in Turin, Italy.


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Event Summary

Taking Your Passion for Science to a Career Away From Research

Could you be missing out on an exciting and rewarding career outside of academic or industrial research? Most individuals who pursue a career in science do so because they have a love for science. Once your training is done, can you bring that passion to a career beyond the research bench? Increasingly, Ph.D.-level scientists are becoming aware of fulfilling career opportunities beyond bench research. This workshop looked at what career paths in these so-called "nontraditional" areas might look like. Participants learned that looking closely at their skills, values, and preferences, as well as learning about the experiences of other scientists, can help identify a career path to pursue. This workshop also presented ways to parlay current skills and values into a new area and how to develop the skills needed to follow your passion for science to a new career path.

Getting to the Top of a Big Pile

Success as a scientist requires a combination of talent, skills, and resources. Competition for funding demands the ability to convince funding agencies that the research activities you are proposing merit a slice of the available funds. Making this case requires more than a good CV and publication record. Writing a clear, concise, and persuasive proposal that reflects the intellectual merit of your project and demonstrates your teams capacity to see it through is essential. This Science Careers workshop explored the dos and donts of grant-writing and the often subtle differences between a winning and a rejected proposal. Panelists included Markus Behnke from the German Research Foundation, Vittoria Colizza from the ISI Foundation, and Guntram Bauer from the Human Frontier Science Program.

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