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Managing Your Relationship with Your Supervisor & Networking Strategically

On October 15, 2010, we held two events at the Harvard School of Public Health: Managing Your Relationship With Your Supervisor and Networking Strategically.


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Event Summary

Managing Your Relationship with Your Supervisor

In this presentation, we presented strategies for grad students and postdocs to use in order to best manage their relationships with their supervisors. This included advice on choosing a postdoc position, establishing goals and expectations with your adviser, day-to-day communication techniques, and what to do when problems arise. The session concluded with a discussion of case studies based on questions posted on the Science Careers Forum.

Making New Connections: Networking Strategically

This talk helped participants find ways to make networking work for them. Many people have negative impressions of networking, but by being strategic about meeting people, networking can become easier. We discussed the myths and realities surrounding networking and different strategies for networking including: informational interviewing, attending conferences, participation in professional societies, and social networking websites. We also discussed some of the nuts and bolts of networking including: proper etiquette, business cards, elevator pitches, and following up with contacts. Participants had a chance to practice their handshakes and elevator pitches as well as brainstorm questions to ask in informational interviews.

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