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L'Oréal-UNESCO Award laureates— © Micheline Pelletier;

L'Oréal-UNESCO Award laureates— © Micheline Pelletier;
Girl riding bicycle—Thomson

Page 3: © Micheline Pelletier

Page 5: Upper—© Micheline Pelletier

Page 6: © Micheline Pelletier

Page 9: © Micheline Pelletier

Page 11: Upper—Mihai Popa;
Lower—© 2008 JupiterImages Corporation

Page 15: Ornament—

Page 16: © Micheline Pelletier

Page 18:
Left—Karlo Primavera;
Right—Jorge Primavera

Page 21: Garth Cambray

Page 22:
Upper—University of Wisconsin Press;
Lower—Charles Brabin, Woollard Lab, Universiity of Oxford

Page 23: Ball—

Page 24:
Upper—Randy Quan,;
Lower—Denise Applewhite, Office of Communications, Princeton University

Page 25:
Upper—F. Hughson;
Lower—Brad Kevelin

Page 27: Pipettes—

Page 29: Stuart Cahill

Pages 31 & 32: © Micheline Pelletier

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