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This booklet is brought to you by the AAAS/Science Custom Publishing Office

On Their Way to the Top

There is one thing you will find that almost all scientists have in common: a huge passion for their work. And that is particularly true of the successful and dedicated women featured in this new Women in Science booklet.

All of our featured scientists have an enthusiasm for what they do that is infectious! For many of them, their interest in science began when they were young, often while they were still in elementary school. Some were inspired by their parents, some by their teachers, and some came to it accidentally. But all have carried their excitement and interest in doing science through to their adult years.

In this latest Women in Science booklet, kindly sponsored once again by the L'Oréal Corporate Foundation, we meet 16 women in five different areas of biology research: Virology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Microbiology, and Immunology. Although this list does not cover all areas of research, the essays about the scientists in these fields will give you an idea of the differences, and similarities, between their jobs. They will also give you some insight into their personal triumphs and struggles as these women have strived to build successful and meaningful careers for themselves. We have interviewed young scientists just starting out, as well as more established researchers who have experienced the many ups and downs of a life in biology research. All of their situations are unique and interesting. We hope that you enjoy their stories and take inspiration from their personal tales.

This booklet will also be made available in print later in the year when we will publish these stories and more, from women demonstrating their scientific passion and inspiring the same in others, young and old, as they head for the top.

Sean Sanders, Ph.D.
Commercial Editor, Science