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Changing the Face of Science

Founded by a scientist a century ago, L'Oréal created in 1998 the For Women in Science program of awards and fellowships in partnership with UNESCO. This program has already recognized hundreds of women in science and put down roots in nearly 90 countries—countries as far apart as Zimbabwe, Romania, Chile, Uzbekistan, and Indonesia. Now under the umbrella of the L'Oréal Corporate Foundation, the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science program supports this vast international community of talents that represents the future of science.

Featured in this booklet are some of the UNESCO-L'Oréal International Fellows. The Fellowships awarded to these highly talented women are a vibrant reflection of the diversity found at all levels of modern science: diversity of research subjects, diversity of approaches, and diversity of the profiles of these young women who have in common a passion for science.

These Fellowships not only help support the researchers to further their projects and their careers, but they also express the desire of the L'Oréal Corporate Foundation and UNESCO to put a different face on science—fulfilled, independent, and far from the clichés that have pursued women in science for so long.

Besides supporting research projects around the world, the Fellowships have the secondary effect of drawing attention to these young scientists. By exposing young girls to real-world examples of scientific careers, the program contributes to the creation of role models who are indispensable to attracting new generations to careers in science.

We hope that the enthusiasm and satisfaction expressed by the Fellows in our program will, in their turn, contribute to attracting young women who are hesitating to choose the path of science as a career.

Béatrice Dautresme
Executive Vice President, L'Oréal
Managing Director, L'Oréal Corporate Foundation